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We need you to make your giving page today!

Dear Friends and Families,

Welcome to the 37th Annual Candy Days scheduled for April 28-29, 2023. It has been three years since our families and friends were out on the streets collecting donations for Misericordia. Despite sore feet, this annual event was one that many of our families and friends looked forward to and served as a testament to our belief in the mission of Misericordia. After careful discussion, we have once again made the decision to remain virtual for one more year - 2023. We are so grateful to everyone for the support you provided over the past three years. Last year, families and friends established 461 fundraising pages that reached nearly 11,324 donors and raised more than $2 million!

Candy Days is Misericordia’s largest fundraising event. Your family fundraising page is a key contributor. As the cost to provide high quality care for our residents continues to rise, we need significant participation “virtually” by all of our families to reach our annual Candy Days goal of over $2 million. This year we truly believe that once again we can ALL rally together to reach and possibly surpass this amount if everyone, including Coordinators, Volunteers, Misericordia families and Misericordia friends can make it a priority to create a page.

Click here for an example of a Fundraising page created by one of our families.

Click here  for detailed instructions for setting up your fundraising page and the link to our main Misericordia Home page. 

Click here for the Main Misericordia Candy Days FrontStream Page.

We understand it does require a little technology "know-how" to create a page. That’s why we are here and ready to assist you! We will even set your page up for you and assist you in sending it out to your contacts. If you need any help with creating a page, please contact:

Anne Mills (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.773-273-2730

Gregg Hartemayer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.847-840-5997


Sister Rosemary, Lois, Father Jack and the Candy Days Team