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We Love Our Staff!Staff Appreciation Maintenance

During March, the following departments are being recognized and there will be an appreciation luncheon on Wed, March 22nd.

Maintenance/Building Operations who work tirelessly in every season to keep the campus safe and beautiful for everyone.

Human Resources/Staff Development who recruit, train and work hard to retain the Misericordia staff. They hold specialized trainings and provide resources for the staff.

Reception covers the all-important Thome and McAuley reception areas. The receptionists are great ambassadors for Misericordia.

Behavior Services support the mental and behavioral well-being of the residents. Services include individual and group work to enhance the social, communication and interpersonal skill development of the residents.

Social Services maintains funding and compliance for all Misericordia residents. This includes working with families, scheduling staffings/meetings, working with state agencies and maintaining records. 

We need four volunteers to help set-up, greet the staff and clean-up at the March 22nd luncheon. For more details and to sign-up, please go to this link: 

In addition, we are asking that families write notes of thanks and appreciation to the staff in these departments and email them to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Please don’t name individual staff as not all staff would receive a mention.) We will compile and share the emails with each department. Please send the emails by March 17th.

Thank you,
Lisa Masucci & John Butler
MFA Staff Appreciation Coordinators