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Thank you to each and every one of you who attended our Annual SIBs meeting. It was wonderful seeing everyone and catching up afterwards at our social hour. We also hope the meeting was informative and gave you confidence that the staff of Misericordia is doing everything in their power to provide an environment that is safe and meaningful for your sibling.

With the pandemic moving further back in our rearview mirror, we are excited and committed to re-vitalizing and re-engaging our board. One of our commitments is to communicate and provide information on a regular basis. We know how busy everyone is and we promise to keep our information succinct and with links to enable you to more easily sign up for volunteer activities.

As promised, below is a copy of the of presentation, as well as links to additional information on Candy Days and volunteer opportunities. We have also included contact information. Please forward on this note to any of your siblings who may not be on our distribution list, particularly those who live out of state. 

Again, thank you for attending. We are so grateful as we know how busy everyone’s lives are these days.  For those who unable to attend due to a prior commitment or living out of state, we missed you but hope to see you in the future.

All the best,
Megan Biggam
President, Sibling Organization

Click here for the Misericordia Sibling Association Annual Meeting Presentation 

Click here to watch Sister Rosemary's video preseted at the meeting