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Important Misericordia UpdateSister Rosemary Park

Dear Families/Guardians,

We hope you are well and are looking forward to the spring season. As you are aware, there have been a number of organizational changes in 2023-2024, which have resulted in new faces, positions and opportunities for promotions for our committed staff. Recruitment and retention efforts continue to be a top priority as well for Misericordia.  The recruitment team has grown to a team of six, allowing us to create areas of specialized focus for recruitment efforts specific to positions in healthcare, direct care and support roles.  They have embraced a “boots on the ground” approach to interact, engage and attract talent to Misericordia as an employer of choice in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  The team has worked to establish new partnerships with workforce programs and community agencies, in addition to universities, high schools, cultural centers and beyond. They are also pursuing onsite interviewing at CNA programs and pinning ceremonies for nurses. 

There has also been progress with planning and preparation for Rosemary Park. As part of the process and overall expansion planning, we have been assessing our admission process and evaluating the current “wait list.”  Geana Connelly, Lindsey Wilkens and Social Services are leading this project.  The first step involved surveying 700 families to determine their continued interest in Misericordia.  As a result of that survey, the applicant pool remains at 616 families still interested in placement.   

An additional assessment to review and clarify our admissions process has resulted in changes to help potential families better understand the applicant process. Due to the relationships our current families may have with applicant families, we feel it is critical that you, too, understand the change.  To ensure we have the most accurate information about potential admission candidates, all interviews and observations will take place closer to the timeframe for an anticipated opening.  We are also providing clarification as to the admission terms we use to avoid any misunderstanding among applicants. The term “waitlist” will be replaced with Applicant Pool.  Within the Applicant Pool, applicants may be at one of three different stages.  Stage one is now identified as an Applicant – application has been submitted.  Stage two, now identified as Applicant in Process, involves those who have started some aspect of the application process involving a file review, an interview or an observation.  Stage three is now Applicant Accepted. This stage involves those who have completed all steps of the applicant process and have been determined appropriate for placement.  

Finally, we recognize that our existing population and their needs are constantly changing. To better prepare for the future of Misericordia, we are also assessing all homes and the individual needs of every resident, which includes projecting how those needs may change in the next two-three years.  This information will help us determine the characteristics for our new homes while ensuring our current settings match the current and future needs of our residents.   

In closing, thanks to each of you for all you do for our residents and Misericordia.  Know that you are in our prayers, and please keep us in your prayers as well. 

Fr. Jack Clair, President & Executive Director          

Mary Pat O’Brien, Executive Vice President