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Oh What a Night! MFA Ellen and Kay

The 64th Annual Misericordia Family Association (MFA) Benefit is in the books!  Huge thanks to Kay Lunkes, Ellen Malone and their committees for putting on such an amazing event for Misericordia! It is still possible to DONATE to the MFA Benefit. Go to and click the DONATE button at the top.

Thank you to everyone who supported the 64th Annual MFA Benefit in so many ways! We will report on all of our successes in the coming days. 

The MFA Benefit Raffle winners are...

CAR RAFFLE: Suzie O’Connor Creevy
$5,000 Thomas Olander
$1,000 Ashley Hill
$1,000 Steve and Heather Vuckovich
$1,000 Eve Gushes
$1,000 Hadyn Hollister
$1,000 Tom Canale
PICTURE ME A WINNER: Julie Mastrangeli
Special Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant Raffle are:  Joan Berman and Ken Brucks.