Community of Believers: A Look Back, and a Look Ahead

by Judy Wall

First, a look back. In 2010 Misericordia created a document called “Community of Believers”; a term coined by Sister Rosemary. It listed 4 core values that underpinned the spirit, heart and mission of Misericordia. These 4 core values, QUALITY OF LIFE, CONNECTION, RESPONSIBILITY, and SPIRITUALITY put language to the culture, behavior, and attitudes of Misericordia.

Each of the 4 values had individual behaviors of the culture for FAMILIES, RESIDENTS and STAFF, who together make up the Community of Believers that is Misericordia. The header of the 2010 CoB document read:

“We are a Community of Believers bound together by our commitment to God, to one another, and to our mission.   We provide a life, and a life worth living, to God’s most vulnerable people. We are a diverse group of residents, families, staff, volunteers, contributors, and friends.   Our Community of Believers is a blessing to us all, and we celebrate this life we share. This life is characterized by four values.”

As a refresher, you can view the full 2010 document here.

Since 2010, the language and presence of the Community of Believers values have been embedded in many ways across campus. While residents and staff have brought numerous activities and initiatives, families have as well. The document started the process, then we have increasingly integrated it, not just knowing and using the language, but living the values and their behaviors. The CoB values are a critical part of training for new employees, new families are introduced to the values, and residents participate in activities that demonstrate them.

Now, a look ahead. As Misericordia continues to evolve yet sustains the mission that makes it the place of safety and dignity that gives our family members a life worth living, last year it looked at the existing CoB values, and started to make revisions.

  • A 5th core value has recently been added -- Diversity/Inclusion.  It reflects Misericordia's commitment to celebrating our shared humanity.
  • A 4th constituency, Organizational, with its own individual behaviors was added to Family, Residents, and Staff.
  • A new CoB logo is in the works to include all 5 of the core values.

Information about these revisions will be shared soon. The key concept is that we ALL have a role to play in sustaining the spirit and life of Misericordia. We do this by living the values in our daily interactions and connections with the residents, the staff, the organization, and with one another. 

As families, we know the life our loved one has at Misericordia is a gift. The desire to have our actions as families reflect the values of the Community of Believers is produced by hearts that are fully aware that if we have a loved one at Misericordia, we are blessed.

Judy Wall

August, 2021