Staff Appreciation

September 29, 2021

Dear Families, 

This is an update on the “state of the state” here at Misericordia. Overall we are doing well in terms of Covid. We have had very few breakthrough cases which is a blessing. We are possibly half way to “normal” in returning to work programs and recreation programs. Some cohorts are starting to expand although we continue to be very cautious. Home visits seem to be going well and we have not had any issues. Outdoor outings are continuing to take place and they are loving the fall weather. 

As of today our staff vaccination rate is 93.6%. Our vaccination mandate goes into effect 10/4/21. We have several staff who have requested an exemption and they are currently being reviewed by an external panel. Unvaccinated staff will need to make their own decision soon. We do hope and pray that these staff will get vaccinated and continue the journey with us.

As is true with myself and many of you as well, continuing to live with Covid is getting “old”. Our staff are tired, as we all are. The reality of the employment situation today, not only for us but for most businesses across the nation is weighing heavy on our staff and Administration. We are doing everything we can to recruit and retain our staff. We have hired a professional recruiter with the hopes of increasing our staffing numbers. We have rearranged our training program so that we can add many more classes. We just celebrated DSP and CNA appreciation week with food trucks, raffles and many more activities. We have Lead Job coaches in residential areas to assist and mentor new staff. We are trying to do everything possible to engage and retain our staff. 

We do believe that our staff could use a Misericordia “boost” from the larger Misericordia family. It has been a while but we are going to ask you to assist us in supporting staff this way. Just simple things. A note of appreciation or thanks goes really far with our staff. Gift cards for coffee or a healthy fast food place! When Covid started the families had great ideas on how to support the staff from afar. Just asking if we could start that up at a time when it is much needed.

We know there may be questions regarding getting your notes or small gifts to the staff as well as coordinating any food orders for your family member’s area. As before, we ask that you please contact the Administrator or Director of your area for further direction. 

We have been so blessed over the course of the pandemic. We learned a lot and most of all learned that we are resilient as are our residents. We believe in the power of prayer and we thank you for all of your prayers. We thank Sister Rosemary and her continued leadership as well as the Administrators and Executive Team. Most of all we thank our staff who work so hard so that our residents live quality lives every day.

May God bless you and yours.


Executive Team and Administration