October MFA General Meeting - Q&A

October 22, 2021

To the MFA,

What follows are the responses provided by Misericordia's Administration to the questions that were posed during last Sunday's MFA membership meeting.

If you wish to view last Sunday's meeting again, you can view the YouTube recording here: MFA October 17th Membership meeting.

Pam & Jim Capraro
MFA Chairs
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Misericordia Administrator responses to MFA Member Questions:

Can Misericordia make bathrooms available for families visiting a resident?

We still need to determine, for some areas, where the indoor visiting will take place and then we will have more information on facilities available for families. In the near future you should be getting more information on this.

Can family members go to the residences and go through their family members clothes?

Each area has their own procedure on this. Many areas cannot be "emptied" of all residents so then family members would not be able to go in the residential area. It is best to talk with the Director or Administrator. One mom suggested our staff put clothes in a large bag and it would go on home visit to be sorted.

Have we put expansion plans on hold given the staffing crisis?

We are holding on the Besser house and not admitting any residents for some time. Staffing would need to improve.  As Sister said, we are continuing to move forward with Unity Homes given the amount of planning that still needs to be done. 

What are the plans for volunteers to return to Misericordia?

We will be "inviting" some family members who have experience and expertise in the bakery to join us for the busy holiday season. This year we were unable to get enough seasonal help so we are turning to our bakery volunteers. There may be some opportunities in other non-resident areas but at this time we are "inviting" families who have the experience in the bakery. All volunteers must be vaccinated and the information kept in our files. Please, do not contact the volunteer office. To be transparent, all families will be getting a letter explaining this.

Will there be two foundations?

In the future, there will be two foundations supporting Misericordia: 

  • The Legacy Foundation will include those funds which have been raised prior to the new Misericordia Foundation.  
  • The Misericordia Foundation will be the entity for all new fundraising, including monies raised by the MFA. Both will support Misericordia on an annual basis. 

Can we get a copy of the Foundation Bylaws for family review?

The Foundation's Bylaws will be separate from the MFA Bylaws. The MFA Bylaws have not been changed. When the Foundation is formally in place and its Bylaws completed, they will be made available.