Misericordia Day Services - CDS Changes

We wanted to inform you of changes made to the structure of Misericordia’s Day Services, known through the years as “DT”, and the last few years as “CDS”. Day services guidance comes from the Department of Human Services (DHS).  Under new guidance, DHS has designated two forms of day services, based on the source of funding for each resident’s services, which have different service requirements from one another and require more independence. Those residents who receive home and community based funding, which are CILAs and home-based individuals, will receive services through Community Day Services (CDS).  Residents that live in an ICF will receive services through Developmental Training (DT).  The Shannon Apartments have a third funding source outside of this new guidance, but will receive Community Day Services.

It’s important to know that the two service models unite under the heading of “Misericordia Day Services”, of which Mary Pat O’Brien is the Assistant Director of Residences and Programs, and thus Day Services are connected at that level. Tina Stendardo will be the administrator of the Developmental Training Programs and Michael Diaz will be the administrator of Community Day Services.  As COVID passes and fewer preventative measures are needed, there will be regular opportunities for the residents of each service to interact with each other. This new structure will allow both Tina and Michael the opportunity to be more available to residents, families and staff, concentrate on quality services, and be in compliance with the new guidance.   

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Tina (ext 2763) or Michael (ext 2718) 

Tina Stendardo, Michael Diaz, Mary Pat O’ Brien