How to enter MFA Number correctly when making a donation

MFA members,

When you, your family or friends donate to Misericordia it is important to enter your Misericordia Family Association number (MFA#) correctly.  The correct format is 4 numbers and a letter, such as: 1111A.  It is important that you only enter 5 characters. Please DO NOT add any extra characters (such as # or -).  

All MFA #'s started with an A after the 4 digits; but, for some families/individuals there may be a B or C after the 4 digits. This denotes spouses living separately, siblings as guardians etc. Proper entry of your MFA# allows for donation data to be easily imported into Raiser's Edge by Misericordia and credited to your family. If you don't know the letter attached to your MFA# please enter the letter A after the four digits.

Pam & Jim Capraro
MFA Chairs