Misericordia Christmas Message & Sister Rosemary Sun-Times article

Merry Christmas Friends, 

Two days ago, I woke up in the morning full of enthusiasm for the holiday. I was anxious to celebrate Christmas Mass and then spend several days safely celebrating with family and friends. But things changed quickly as my fourth phone call of the morning informed me that, while I am asymptomatic (and continue to be), I tested positive for Covid.   The whole season changed in a moment. This is part of living in the world today. This is my first Christmas in leadership at Misericordia, and it is not going to be as planned. It will give me more time for prayer for all of you who make our lives here possible.  

Covid gives me another opportunity to look at the limits in life. We all have to live with them. Our children and adults do this with graciousness every day. I cannot complain about anything. My life has been so richly blessed. When I spend time with our residents and feel their joy and hopefulness, even throughout this pandemic, I am in awe of them. They live life with such joy even with the limitations that can be so much a part of their lives. 

On this day, I am delighted to share with you the link to an article about Sister Rosemary beautifully written by Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun Times (CLICK HERE).

The article is online as of this morning, and I believe will be featured in the Sunday paper edition. We are so grateful to Neil Steinberg, and so grateful to the Chicago Sun-Times for featuring this article on Christmas Day!  

Each and every day here at Misericordia, we are filled with gratitude for your generous and prayerful support. Even in this challenging time of the pandemic, when so many of you who wish to volunteer or participate in events here at Misericordia have been unable to, we still feel your support. We could not do what we do without your help!  

To quote Sister Rosemary from the article, “We have been so blessed here. I’m overwhelmed with God’s goodness, through His people. I sit back and I’m just amazed at how good people are. People seem to really be grateful that there is a place like Misericordia, they can believe in it and be involved in it. We are so blessed Neil, we really are." 

How blessed we are for all of you, and how grateful and blessed we all are for Sister Rosemary and her continued leadership with the new Misericordia Foundation. 

Let us be strong together and, as we face a new year, may we enter this time with faith, hope and peace. Please pray for us and we will pray for you!  

Christmas Blessings, 

Fr. Jack