To the MFA & SIBS,
Today we received the following communication from Scott Mendel informing us that once again Misericordia families have had a positive influence on behalf of our family members. As Scott asserts below, this could not have happened without the ground swell of support shown by our members as they responded to Sr. Rosemary's call for written comments to be filed in opposition to the proposed regulation.  
Thank you to Scott Mendel. His excellent legal counsel and continuing vigilance has guided us to exercise effective action.
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Pam & Jim: 
Please see below the statement just issued by Greg Fenton the Director of the Department of Developmental Services rescinding the Information Bulletin on receiving services in the community. We should let our families know that their comments made all the difference in the world. 
Information Bulletin Rescission
In the last issue of the DDD Scoop, I reported on the numerous feedback received on the Information Bulletin on Community-based Healthcare and Other Services for Persons in the Waiver. After the close of the comment period on August 26, senior staff met to review those comments. As a result of that review, we have decided not to issue the bulletin after all. A communication to that effect was issued today (September 2, 2016). The comments received highlighted the many barriers that preclude individuals from gaining access to quality health care in community settings. The comments also informed us that the Bulletin would inadvertently discourage efforts that would lead to optimal health outcomes that are consistent with individual needs and preferences. We will therefore not issue the Bulletin as final and official.
Finally, we look forward to our continued partnership with stakeholders to eliminate the barriers that prevent equal access to high-quality health care and other services in community settings. 
Once again, thank you for your feedback and my sincere apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this Information Bulletin may have caused.
Issued on September 2, 2016 by 
Greg Fenton, Director, 
Illinois Department of Developmental Services