A group of residents from all over campus went to Collins Elementary School.
This is an annual "intro to Mis" event.  Residents talked to roughly 150 students about what they do at Mis for work and fun.  A video about Mis was shown and then they answered questions from the students.  Residents will go back in December for the schools holiday festivities.  At that time they will receive all the gifts and money that has been raised for Mis.  The money will be used to purchase gifts for the residents who don't go home for the holidays.
There was the annual Fall Festival which is planned by one of the Marian Center shift leaders.  Residents painted pumpkins, enjoyed s'mores and hot apple cider, took pictures at the photo booth and played games and did craft activities.  This was for the entire campus.
Staff is currently bringing in items to donate to a pantry and residents have gone on outings to shop for items with donated money.  It's a wonderful  time of year to give back.