Two new residents, Bryan Nash and Scott Hanley were welcomed to the Shannon Apartment family!  

Bryan moved in to Apt 307 on April 24th, and Scott moved in just this week to Apt. 310!

Residents participated in Candy Days at Walmart, 5 Guys, Chipotle, and Starbucks. The Q’s of Shannon manned the corner of Devon and Clark.

April 20th was “Q Appreciation Day” on campus so there was a celebration of the wonderful Q’s of the Shannon Apartments! Each received a special lunch, Misericordia “goody bag”, and group pictures of their caseloads!  It was a great day!

Several residents participated in the City of Chicago Special Olympics Track and Field Events the first week of May.  Lots of medals and ribbons were achieved!  A whole group of gold medal winners will be heading down to Bloomington/Normal in June.  They will compete in the statewide Special Olympics at Illinois State University!

The renovations continue at the Shannon Apartments!  There is a possibility of getting new chairs for the main dining room.  The current chairs are too big and it is difficult to move among the tables during dinner.  The painters are just about finished with painting the first floor and are starting on the second floor now. Several apartments have received new light fixtures in the dining rooms – they are looking great!

A list was submitted for the Giving Tree wish list that will be available at the MFA Dinner Dance in June!  Most of the items on the list will be used to continue updating and decorating the apartments for the residents!

Many thanks to Mr. Ritter for fixing and repainting the “No Thru Traffic” man sign in front of the building!

Many residents participated in the Best Buddy Friendship Walk at the Brookfield Zoo.

The residents donated money to the Rice Bowl this year during Lent!

This week the residents will be putting together bags of non‐perishable food items that will be left for the post office to bring to food pantries throughout the city.

Last week was Nurses Week!  Nurse Mariana, of Shannon Apartments, was celebrated all week!  So lucky to have her!

The Quinlan Sunday Social Group had a tea party and other fun activities throughout the month. All the residents are having a great mingling and are looking forward to expanding the group. The Shannon apartment residents will start taking turns with making the snack for the group. Each week there is a theme and all the activities are based on that theme.



Bob & Bonnie Romniak                                                    May 2017