As Reported by Carol Hawley, Administrator

For MFA Board Meeting 01-17-18


Building Improvements

  • A new floor was installed in the main living/dining room area of the apartment building over the holiday home visit.
  • The Social Center has been updated with a new purple and gray color scheme and a brand new floor too. It looks great!  A lot of the classes that are normally held in the Social Center have been taking place in the common areas on the first floor until the floor is sealed and waxed
  • New dining room chairs have been ordered for the main dining room.  They look great and are much smaller than the chairs we had so it will allow space for more movement between tables. 

Staff Changes

  • Three Shannon Apartment staff are scheduled to complete the Leadership Training Series in February
  • We have hired two new PM DSP’s (Erica Slattery and Chareatta Milan).  They will start the DSP training class on Monday January 15th.  We look forward to having them as part of our team!
  • We would like to congratulate Amy V. on her promotion!  Amy has transferred to the DT program and will be the coordinator for the Adult Enrichment  Program.   The residents had a party for her to celebrate on January 2nd.  
  • Aster and Rachel will be the new PM Supervisors.  Aster has worked in the Shannon Apartments as a PM DSP for 10 years.  Rachel worked for many years in the Village as a QIDP, Relief Supervisor, and Trainer.  They will make a great team and keep the PM shift running smoothly!
  • Rose Nelson will be a Shift Leader on the AM shift.  This means that Rose will be the “in charge” person when Katie (the full time AM Supervisor) is scheduled off.

Resident Activities

  • We have several residents attending and participating in the Mass for Life at Holy Name Cathedral.  Those participating in the Mass will be Servers and Greeters.
  • A group of ladies from the Shannon Apartments participated in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Special Olympics earlier this month.  They each did a Ribbon routine and did a wonderful job!  Many of them brought home medals from the event!
  • Our basketball team will be participating in the Basketball Special Olympics later in January – here’s hoping they bring home some medals as well!