Together for Choice issued its first newsletter summarizing its accomplishments over the past year. Please click on this link to read the newsletter: 

  Together for Choice, 2017 - A year in Review.  In order for Together for Choice to accomplish its mission, it is critical that we be able to represent to our legislators and agency personnel in Washington, DC that TFC represents thousands of families and providers (i.e., voters) nationwide.  Therefore, it is essential that every family sign up as a sponsor of Together for Choice.  Individuals can sign up without making any financial contribution.  Of course, if you wish to make a contribution and are able to do so, no matter how small, TFC will be extremely grateful.  For those who have already signed up, Thank You.


It is also critical to TFC’s mission that we be able to tell our government officials in Washington that TFC represents families and providers across the country.  Therefore, if you have family and friends in other states, please encourage them to visit the TFC website and to sign up as a sponsor.  We will from time to time call on TFC sponsors to contact their congressman, senators, or state legislators to support policies and legislation that recognize the individual’s right to choose where to live and how to spend their days.  The single most important action you can take today to support TFC is to sign up as a TFC sponsor and to ask your family and friends to do so as well.   It is extremely easy to sign up.  Just go to, hit the Join Now button, and fill out the simple form.


Please contact me if you have any questions regarding TFC.