The houses continue to be spruced up. Outside, small decorations are being put up for Spring. Inside, living rooms and dens are being measured for new carpets.

There were several activities:

  • Some residents visited the Dusable African American Museum to experience the exhibit, "Evolution of African American music". 
  • Some residents went to the Monster truck show. From the pictures, it looks like it took place in the Allstate Arena.
  • Several residents took part in the Tipsy Art Paint outing. They painted, had snacks and drank non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Many residents competed in a Special Olympics swim meet. A couple of residents won the gold medals. 
  • Residents are working on and are completing artwork for the upcoming Village Art Fair, which will be in September or October.
  • Village residents performed Michael Jackson’s  Thriller atthe talent show. 
  • Many residents attended a Valentine's day party on campus.