I’m so proud of my sister.  During the 20 years my daughter has lived at McGowan Home, our family has seen the values of Misericordia’s Community of Believers bring a profound richness to Christy’s life.  They have shared with me the responsibilities and the connection to Mis that our gratitude for Christy’s care and life there has brought. 

My younger sister has MS.  Read some of her words below.

“I have multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed at 50.  I started running. Now I am pointing my MS-tingly toes towards the Chicago Marathon.

I'm not doing this for me, although I will surely benefit from the training process. I'm not even doing it for MS.  I am committing to the Chicago Marathon in October 2018 in honor of my niece.

My sister’s daughter, who turned 41 this year, has profound special needs. She's a champion in ways many people never have the opportunity to understand.

I am running the streets of Chicago next fall for Christy. And I will be sporting a charity bib. My race will benefit "Misericordia."My whole family has long appreciated the excellent care our Christy and so many others receive from those who serve at Misericordia.

Can I do 26.2 miles for Christy and Misericordia? It's the least I can do.

I have done several half marathons, but never raced 26.2 miles. This is a veritable stretch for me. And it may be risky, given my own personal health issues.  I know my MS symptoms could worsen through this endeavor.  The vertigo, numbness, frequent migraines, and overwhelming MS fatigue are constant threats. The demyelinated spots along my spinal column could wreak all sorts of havoc. I get it. A full marathon may be too much for me -- at least, in the long run.

But I am all in.

I won't be fast. Count me in anyway. Because I am kicking MS to the curb and running all-out for Christy. I will be counting on many others to cheer me on and help me support Misericordia. 

Please pray for my endurance, stamina, and physical soundness -- especially on race day. Pray more for Christy and others' loved ones at Misericordia, who bravely face bigger challenges each day. And may God bless those who serve them so compassionately.”

See why I’m proud of my sister? 

It won’t matter whether she finishes 26.2 miles in October or not. She’s already shown she’s a champion.  She’s already a warrior for my daughter and for Misericordia.