1.  Linda L. (QIDP) at Shannon Apartments organized several craft classes prior to the holidays where residents could make and wrap gifts for friends and family members. They made: 

*  Scarves
*  Candles
*  Snowman ornaments, and...
*  Scented soaps
Note: The residents were very proud of their creations and they were excited to give them out at Christmas-time.
2.  Congratulations and a BIG woo woo go-out to Jill H. and Judson K. who secured paying jobs at Panera Bread this month! (A remarkable accomplishment).
3.  Carol Hawley - the Shannon Apartments Executive Director - is proud and excited to welcome Nellie Guerro in joining the AM shift / staff @ Shannon.
Note: Nellie has worked in other areas within Misericordia. As such, she will bring some great experiences to Shannon.
By the way... Speaking of Carol - I would like the Board to know that she is an excellent manager & provider for the Shannon Apartments. She is open & friendly to both residents and parents and she "always" has the residents best-interest in mind. Plain & Simple: Carol is the reason why Shannon functions so well.
4.  A BIG toot toot of the horn, and "Congratulations" to Tracy Thomas who was chosen by her peers to be one of the recipients of this years Employee Service Awards! (This is special - especially when being recognized as a main leader / contributor by the ones you work with)
5.  In December, 2018 - Misericordia performed a telephone calling-tree-test. This test was done to assure a functioning and accurate phone system in the event of an emergency situation. Result: Passed.
(Preface: This one makes me sad - but I applaud Misericordias vision to keep the campus safe and secure. As Sister Rosemary frequently states:  For God's most vulnerable.)
6.  Speaking of emergency, and based on today's environment - over the next few months all staff at Misericordia will be going through an Active Shooter/Armed Intruder training. Additionally, in May 2019 Misericordia will once again participate in a city-wide emergency drill that will include an active shooter
7.  All Q’s, Supervisor’s, Director’s, & Administrator’s will be participating in training for building a supportive workplace culture (BSWC). This type of coaching supervision will help us to engage employees in solving work-related problems, empower workers to participate in decisions that impact their daily work, and balance support with accountability for high quality outcomes. It is hoped that by implementing this type of coaching approach it will improve staff job satisfaction and reduce overall staff turnover.

Jim & Lenore Varey