Misericordia is working towards campus-wide accessibility and Shannon Apartments was fortunate to be the first building to be completed! As of the week of March 18th, the building, including resident apartments, will be wi-fi accessible.
  • Tyelia Grayson has been hired to replace Maea on the PM shift. Tyelia started training on Monday March 18th.
  • Sheena Williams, AM DSP, wants to have more time with her young family, so she will be working only one day a month starting March 21st. We are now looking for a full time DSP to replace Sheena on the morning shift.
  • Congratulations to Laera Benard, PM DSP on her promotion to Q Assistant! Laera will continue helping to cover the PM shift, but will also spend some of her work hours assisting Q’s with various tasks throughout the month.
  • Congratulations to Laera Benard and Tracy Thomas as they have completed the Food Service Sanitation certification program!
  • Cathy Dore, Dietitian, provided an in-service to PM staff about low cholesterol diets.
  • Congratulations to Q Evan Peterson and his wife who welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family.
  • The residents are again collecting money for the Rice Bowl during Lent – the money collected goes to the Archdiocese who donates it to countries in need.
  • Of course the residents celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style!