Things are happening at Mercy Glen.
  • Special Olympics was early this week with quite a few residents attending. 
  • Erma, long time Misericordia staff and most recently the a.m. supervisor at Mercy Glen who is retiring this month, donated White Sox tickets, so a few small group outings went to the games. 
  • Erma's last day will be the 17th, and Heather Andersen (previously at Quinlan) will be the new AM sup. Tiffany Batton and Nick Rymus will also be starting as the new PM co-supervisors at the end of the month. They previously have both worked as PM staff here at Mercy Glen.
  • Mercy Glen recently lost a long time Misericordia resident who died this month. It is heart warming to watch the staff, who are coping with his loss themselves, give loving support to the residents at Conrad House and Mercy Glen who are mourning.