Shannon has been busy.
  • Many residents recently participated in the Special Olympics Track and Field events and brought home lots of medals!  This weekend we also have several residents participating in the Special Olympics Bowling competition! 
  • We recently started an educational series for the residents focusing on identity, diversity, and bullying. This class will take place every other Sunday at dinner time so all residents can benefit from it. We will also have an Art Therapy intern, Jeremy, who will be organizing Art Therapy activities focusing on the same topics to complement our educational series.   
  • The Walking Club has re-started now that the weather has finally improved! We have increased participation in this club over the last few weeks and hope the trend continues! 
  • A new “Happy Hour” club will be starting every other Friday. This club will feature events and activities at Quinlan Terrace with other residents from Mercy Glen, the Village, and CILA homes. Eventually many of our residents will probably make the move to Quinlan as they age – we hope that by having some fun groups and activities there it will make the transition to living there much easier when the time comes. Also, we want to have some of our younger folks involved to keep everyone young at heart and to offer support to their friends who now call Quinlan home. 
  • Misericordia took part in another City-Wide Emergency Drill - this years focus involved a bomb threat, reviewing our bomb threat procedures, how we would secure the campus, what we would do if a bomb were found on campus, accepting some patients being evacuated from local hospitals, assuring we had enough food and supplies if deliveries were not being made, assuring adequate staff coverage if the CTA was shut down, and what communications would be made to staff, families, and the public. A lot was accomplished and we were able to make further improvements to our emergency preparedness plan!
  • The residents and staff wanted to do something nice for the Quinlan Home staff to brighten their day – they have had a lot of loss in recent weeks. The staff and residents baked and decorated some fabulous looking brownies and made some pretty amazing cards. The residents delivered them to each Quinlan home and hope that the special delivery brought lots of smiles and happiness to them!
  • Three of our residents volunteer at a cat shelter every Sunday – recently they were rewarded for their service at a volunteer appreciation luncheon and received certificates. They were very proud of their accomplishment! 
  • Residents made special decorated brownies and cards to give to Sr. Rosemary, Sr. Paulette, & Sr. Maureen for Mother’s Day and did the same for Mariana in celebration of Nurse’s week. We also had a special Mother’s Day brunch for the residents who weren’t able to go on home visit with their families. Sr. Rosemary attended the brunch and made everyone feel very special! 
  • A group of residents will be participating in the Adult Down Syndrome Center 5K walk on June 1st!
Walking Club   Brownies for Quinlan Staff
Emergency Drill   Mothers Day Brunch