This past weekend almost all the CILAs either went to a U of I football game or a Loyola football game. For the U of I, this is part of the Lovie Smith’s connection with Misericordia and to continue to support that relationship. The residents drove down to Champagne-Urbana for a full day of football and fun (some pics attached).

Additionally we are finishing up decorating the Devon CILA apartment building. It was licensed recently and will be opening shortly (no set date though). When at full capacity it will add 7 more beds to Misericordia’s growing CILA population. There are 4 units (3, 2-bedroom and 1, 1-bedroom). 

The Skokie/Evanston home is still under remodel.

The CILA talent show is schedule for Oct 27th after the MFA meeting. More details to come.