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CILA News 10/16/2019

CILA residents enjoy a variety of fitness activities on a weekly basis.

From powerlifting,  sport skills, team sports, yoga to water aerobics.

Some residents practiced their soccer skills and participated in the Special Olympics competition on October 12th. 

Staff member Tom O. started a new outdoor activity.  On Friday afternoons he takes residents on hikes. He works with the residents and Qs to take a mixed group when possible to go on longer nature journeys. Everyone seems to enjoy being more in  touch with nature and the great outdoors. It is truly a positive experience for all.

The week of September 16th the residents honored staff for DSP and CNA week.

Monday - The CILA department had a hot dog cookout at Eisenberg..

Tuesday - Candy bags were delivered 

Wednesday -Pizza dinner

Thursday - Nacho bar

Friday  Cookies delivered

The staff really appreciated everything including the special notes from parents and guardians.  There are not enough thank yous for all the things the staff do for our most precious family members.  

By the  look of the pictures. I  don’t know who was most excited, staff or residents!

Upcoming dates:

Oct. 25th– CILA Halloween party @ McAllister

Oct. 26th Gigi’s  Dance a thon

Oct. 27th– CILA talent show after the MFA meeting

Oct. 30th - All campus Halloween Party