Conrad House

Halloween was a big hit for the men at Conrad. They attended the Village Haunted House and trick or treated at Mercy Glen.

The men continue to have music with Bridget and made a Thanksgiving craft.

There were no birthdays this past month at Conrad but everyone is looking forward to the upcoming holiday events.

McNerney House

The McNerney men continue to enjoy their Wednesday night dinners at local restaurants. The last month’s choices were Steak and Shake, Chili’s and Noodles and Company.

Jeff D’s Birthday was celebrated with a pizza party.

Tim B enjoyed the Sibs Halloween Party with one of his sisters and a nephew. 

Some of the men attended the Universal Circus, Mercy Glen trick or treating and a Halloween movie at the Social Center.

They continue to enjoy yoga, music and arts and crafts in their home.

Coleman House

The Coleman House celebrated two birthday’s this month Susan and Meghan’s.

For Halloween the four Mercy Glen Homes trick or treated between all four homes.

A new swing was installed in the new sensory room.

Sarah, the arts and crafts lady came and the residents decorated some t-shirts.

A few of the residents went to a Northwestern Football game. The tickets were great and Northwestern Won! Hurray!

Because of the extreme cold the residents were transported by car and Van to DT.

Some of the residents dined at a Greek restaurant called Dengeos in Evanston.

Peterman House

The Peterman House enjoyed going to see a Northwestern Football game. After the game they went to Connie’s for pizza.

Some of the residents enjoyed going to Chili’s and then went bowling at Waveland bowling center.

The residents had fun carving some pumpkins with a Christmas theme. They also made and decorated their own trick or treating bags.

There was a Special Olympics soccer event where Craig and Tom received awards.

DT had a resident Appreciation Day. Each classroom celebrated in their own way. There were Certificates- Treats- and Trophy’s. The residents looked forward to this event.

On December 1 there will be a Parent/Staff Christmas party to start off the season. 3:00-6:00.