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The  CILA and Shannon Apartments had their Thanksgiving Mass and Dinner. This is an annual event where the CILAs and Shannon Apartments have a special Mass said by Father Jack, followed by a Thanksgiving dinner prepared by the kitchen. The Qs and supervisors helped with serving.   Everyone had a great time.

There was a CILA department luncheon in December.

In addition to the staff dinners, the CILA department does a department lunch on the December home visit sendoff.  It is intended to be a celebration of the previous year and this takes the place of our monthly DSP meeting. Usually the management team cooks the meal, but this year we ordered Mexican food for the event. It was very relaxing and the DSPs seemed to really appreciate it.

Gerber-Hoag has been open for about two months now. The new small apartment style CILA seems to be going very well for all who live there.  It is a great new housing option for Misericordia.

Madden Home passed its fire inspection and is waiting for its licensure inspection from DHS. It is currently being decorated by Nancy Turry/Mary Pat and their team. We hope to open in March.

All the CILAs had their Holiday parties.  There was plenty of food and fun. This is such a good time for residents, families and staff to get together.  It is especially good to visit and share the joy of the season together.