MFA Benefit Reservations

The 2020 MFA Benefit will be here before you know it, and it’s never too early to make your reservations for a great night with friends and family!

Reservations for the MFA Benefit are on-line only this year and can be made through the Benefit website .   

There are several ways to invite your guests.

  • Using the new streamlined paper invitation, a 5x7 card with envelope, available at Thome Reception for pickup. This invitation directs your guests to make their reservations on the Benefit website.
  • The MFA Benefit Invite Flyer in your Packet which can be copied. It can also be downloaded and printed through the Benefit website.

There are detailed instructions in your Packet (front and back of the Dinner Reservations page) to assist with making reservations online. This form can also be downloaded through the Benefit website.

It is important that you Benefit2020Invitationmake sure your guests know your MFA number and Group name when they make their reservations. The Group name is used to make sure your guests are seated at your table. There is a spot on the invitation and flyer for you to enter this information before passing them out to your guests. 

It is very important that you and your guests indicate if a vegetarian or gluten-free meal is wanted when making reservations. 

Do NOT mail to or drop off a reservation at Misericordia because there is no guarantee that it will be received and processed by the Reservations committee.

The Reservations chairs (Diane & David Carpenter) will be available to answer questions and assist as needed. If you or your guests do not use computers or have access to the internet, please contact us and we can enter your reservation for you.  

Diane & David Carpenter    email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    phone 630-476-4257 (Diane)