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Baumgartner started a “Healthy Choices” jar for the house so the house can work towards a fun reward together. For the first reward, the guys decided on going bowling. Every time staff notices the guys making a healthy choice (having fruit for 8pm snack instead of chips/sweets, drinking an extra glass of water, squeezing in a workout after work, etc.) staff puts a marble in the jar. The guys are now working on their second reward, a movie night out. 

We also have a newer partnership with PMX CrossFit. Two homes go there a couple times a month to work out.

Some of the residents participate in Basketball with the Special Olympics. Parents and staff were there to cheer on the Misericordia Athletes.

In addition, there is participation in swimming, power lifting and team sports.

Seems like being fit is the theme after the winter Holiday. There is a lot of talk of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, good food choices and exercise. A lesson for us all.

3 CILA residents, Carly and Stacy and Angie are all practicing/rehearsing for a play that they will be performing in titled High School Musical (outside of campus at Molloy school).

Residents have been involved in Showtime practice and rehearsals.

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