The Marian Center was very busy in February. The residents participated in both Campus–wide and MC Valentine’s Day parties.  The residents were also able to take advantage of free museum days.  The Shed aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Field Museum, and Museum of Science and Industry were visited. Residents also visited the auto show, shopped at Target, Walmart, Lincolnwood Town Center Mall and more. They visited a Middle Eastern bakery and an Indian restaurant. 

There was also an old-school dance party event. This has been a real hit with the residents, as they spin records and play music that they all love.  It was held in studio B and the environment was truly a dance party with glowing lights and tons of other decorations.  

Additionally, the Marian Center staff is making significant progress on the new HVAC system that has been installed. It is a lot of work for all involved and takes a lot of planning to ensure our contractors are able to access the apartments as needed.  We are extremely appreciative of the studio B space, our nurses who are medicating our folks so we can get moving early, and of course our supervisors and staff who ensure everyone is still well taken care of. The hard work will pay off immensely.

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