This month some new and exciting activities began in the Village.

Loyola Student Volunteers have begun their 8-week program of visiting the village homes. They are joining the residents of each home for dinner, activities and hanging out. It appears to be going very well as the extra attention, support and kindness has been very well received!

As mentioned last month, Bobby has begun his group projects. The residents are loving it! This month they created bird feeders to hang throughout the Village. Village residents are eagerly looking forward to his next project.

Of course, it wouldn’t be February without a Valentine’s Day dance! Many of the Ladies and Gentlemen got dressed in their best to participate in the dance over at the Jean Marie Ryan Center.

Looking ahead, many of the Village residents enjoyed participating in the South Side Irish Parade last year. They are excited to be able to do so again next month. They will also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a dance on campus.

The Special Olympics spring games are just around the corner. Residents will participate in Opening Day Ceremonies in April.

Village Feb 2020 1

Village Feb 2020 2

Village Feb 2020 3

Village Feb 2020 4

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