Due to the corona virus restrictions many of the activities at the Conrad and McNerney home have been curtailed.

Since the middle of February Conrad had a few dinner outings. They celebrated one birthday by ordering in KFC for the house per the request of the birthday boy. They had a St Patrick 's Day outing planned but since all activities off campus are cancelled, they will decorate cupcakes and will do a themed craft.

Until the corona virus hit the McNerney men had dinners at Steak and Shake and Noodles and Company.

They went to Raizel Studios for haircuts. Brian R celebrated his birthday with a party at McNerney and Chris S  celebrated his on March 16th.The house will have a St. Patrick’s Day Party on the 17th.

Both houses will continue with their regular scheduled activities in their homes. These include music, art, sing-a-long and yoga.

Special thanks and gratitude to all of the staff during this very difficult time.


The Peterman men are involved with the White Sox Fan Force and did go for their picture day before lockdown.

DT was stopped last Thursday March 12th for 2 weeks to keep everyone healthy.

Both houses are going for walks outside to enjoy the milder weather and to get some sunshine.

They are playing fun games like Family Feud , board games, puzzles, computer games, Wii games, arts and crafts and of course some Movies.

The Staff is being screened before work. The residents are being tested twice a day. So far everyone has  a very positive attitude.

Birthday’s celebrated were for Michael, Kevin, and Sherry.