With the arrival of the COVID-19 virus, many activities both on and off campus have been postponed or cancelled. Please adhere to the guidelines set up by the administration for on campus visits and pick up and drop off for home visits.  Your cooperation is critical in helping the staff do their very best to keep everyone healthy. Please watch for updates from the administration so you can remain up to date on any changes due to this very fluid situation.

While many of the village residents look forward to their annual participation in the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the St. Patrick’s Dance on campus, both were cancelled out of an abundance of caution. The Special Olympics Swim Meet that was to be held home visit weekend has also been cancelled.

As noted in the communications from the administration, the day programs and most work has been suspended at this time in order to keep everyone on campus as safe as possible. Staff in the residences are working incredibly hard to maintain a safe environment by taking extra precautions to clean and sanitize surfaces several times a day. They continue to encourage residents to use good hygiene and wash their hands often.

Early in the month, the Village continued their programs with their gardening expert Bobby. They went on outings to pick up supplies and held activities in each house. Their last project was picking up fresh ingredients, following a recipe and creating a dish in each home. Thanks Bobby for teaching our residents all about healthy eating!