August 11, 2020

Dear Misericordia Families,

We received some inquiries from families about how we faired yesterday during the storm.  We know it was also reported that there was a tornado in Rogers Park.  Although we did not know about the tornado we initiated our tornado emergency protocol.   All residents and staff in most areas went to the basement.  Those who couldn't go down safely were in hallways without windows.  All residents and staff were safe.  There were several trees that came down and some large branches, and lots of small branches and twigs throughout the campus.  We had some patio furniture blow around as well.  One house lost some shingles.  Maintenance was here at 5AM taking care of removing trees and limbs.  McGowan lost electricity but the generator kicked in so they were fine and back on line at 8PM last evening.  Conway was also out but eventually came on.  We had Walsh CILA that lost electricity and they are still out but ComEd is working on a number of outings around here.  Gerber-Hoag CILA was out but back in service this morning.  

Also so you are aware, our staff who live in many different neighborhoods throughout the city have had some difficulty getting to work due to the tremendous amount of looting and damage done early Monday morning.  We are being flexible in terms of their start times and have offered Lyft rides as needed.  Please keep them in your prayers as we are so grateful how hard they work to get here to take care of the residents.  It certainly has been a year in so many ways!  Please keep the whole Misericordia community in your prayers.   

Thank you 

Administration and the Executive Team