Throughout the summer, the Shannon residents have been very busy. Residents come downstairs each morning to choose from a list of activities on the daily schedule. The range and creativity of activities the Shannon staff plan daily is truly amazing. Some weeks may have a theme attached such as Shannon Camp Week or Venetian Week. Whatever the interests of each resident, there are always a variety of activities from which to choose. A sample of options include making snacks or specialty drinks for friends, book club, creating works of art or working on the lower level mural, walking club, outside sports, yard games, bowling, numerous board games, bingo, neighborhood drives, or the very popular Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy on the big computer screen.

At least twice a week, residents enjoy dancing to different decades or genres of music. When not dancing, they are singing at karaoke night or producing their own talent show. Due to the dedication, hard work and inspiration of the Misericordia administration and staff, the Shannon residents continue to thrive and enjoy life each day. Thank you to all the Misericordia community for keeping our loved ones safe, healthy and engaged during this challenging time.


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