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The CILAs have been very busy! In August the CILAs were able to start returning to CDS (formerly DT) programming on campus. Everyone has loved getting back on campus and working in areas like coffee, bakery packaging, recycling, gardens, and technology. 

The residents and staff have been so creative in finding fun activities to do while we spend more time at home. The Moore men have been working on their physical fitness and have completed several marathons across the world! The guys will log miles on the treadmill every day and work toward the goal of finishing different marathon routes from around the world. The house does a ceremony and the resident receives a certificate when they cross the finish line! 

Many of the houses have planted beautiful gardens on their back patios or in their backyards. The residents have worked as a team to care for them. It has been very fun to incorporate the veggies and herbs from the gardens into recipes the house is cooking. 

The houses have stayed very busy and enjoy getting out in their neighborhood for long walks and bike rides. We have loved exploring the beautiful parks and nature preserves surrounding our CILAs. The Skokie Sculpture park has been a favorite for a lot of homes!  

Since we did not have our camp week home visit this year, the houses decided to make an awesome camp week of their own. They played camp games, had a campfire and smores, and did fun camp crafts. The ladies had a blast and made so many fun memories. 


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