Due to COVID-19 the daily routine for the men at Conrad and McNerney has changed but the men have risen to the challenge.

The Conrad men miss their old DT jobs but have started doing more tasks around the house like helping staff with laundry. They enjoyed swimming when the pool was open. They have participated in the campus parade and dance parties, have taken many walks usually while blowing bubbles and celebrated a few birthdays over the summer.

The McNerney men continue to enjoy restaurant meals delivered to their home. Throughout the summer they have had meals from Subway, Noodles and Company and KFC. They also had BBQ’s on their patio on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.

They have participated in campus wide outdoor activities, gardening and swimming. The men have also enjoyed arts and crafts, board games, puzzles and movie nights. Doug B and Brian M ‘s birthdays were celebrated with pizza parties. Their in-home work program started on Sept 1.

The Coleman house has been busy.

Raised monarch butterflies and released 8 of them.
Campus walks.
Tending to the Holbrook and Coleman gardens.
Caught up on movies.
Enjoyed the patio and swing.
Ordered food out a lot.
Started CDS (formerly known as DT) in-house.
Bike rides on campus. 
Thursday afternoon baking classes.
Zoom programs: sing a long, bingo, meditation, yoga.
FaceTime calls and visits with families.
And they swam twice!


MG1 9 20 BM bike ride

MG2 9 20 BR 2

MG3 9 20 IMG 6109

MG4 9 20 IMG 6150

MG5 9 20 IMG 6164

MG6 9 20 IMG 6176

MG7 9 20 IMG 6238

MG8 9 20 IMG 6239

MG9 9 20 JC swimming

MG10 9 20 JD and BC art.jpg 2

MG11 9 20 MP playing ball

MG12 9 20 parade group pic

MG13 9 20 Parade groups pic

MG14 9 20 parade RT JC

MG15 9 20 pool day 2

MG16 9 20 thumbnail IMG 1634