Despite the ongoing changes to the lives of the residents due to COVID restrictions in the Village, the staff are managing to keep them engaged, active and happy! The team has done a fantastic job of working together to support the cohorts while also sharing activities across the homes. The homes have been creating their own exercise and fitness programs to shake off the COVID blues. Activities include walks around campus, bike riding, Zumba, yoga and dance workouts as well as using their gym equipment in their basements. Community Day Services (CDS/ formerly DT) has been implemented in all the Village homes with programming and activities run by the staff and management teams throughout the day Monday through Friday.

You may have seen some of the Village’s recent activities and events on the Misericordia Facebook page. O’Donnell Home represented the Village during the recent Venetian Night Parade with all the other homes cheering them on! Some of the homes are creating their own fun. Rice Home threw their own Spirit Week with fun themes like dress as your favorite character day and crazy sock day. Mazza Home has been busy making lots of arts and crafts including their very own bird houses. Shannon Home has been busy tie dying. When they aren’t doing that, they can be found touring the campus on their bikes. Miniat is even throwing their own mini version of Family Fest! Other homes have taken on helpful roles. Residents of Brach and Mahoney have been busy working in the gardens to provide fresh veggies across the Village while the residents of Polk and Herbstritt have been collecting and transporting recycling and laundry across campus.

With fall just around the corner, the Village is already meeting to plan for Halloween. Traditionally the Village has thrown “Haunted Village” for everyone to enjoy. There will be some adaptations to the celebration this year. Currently the plan is to host an outdoor ‘Haunted Village” walk spanned over a few days so multiple areas can enjoy it.

This week we are celebrating National DSP & CAN week. This year it is especially important to thank all of our DSP’s and CAN’s for all they’ve done to keep our residents safe, happy and heathy! Please remember when sending letters or cards to Kristin or the Q’s for the staff, do not address individuals but please address all of the staff in the home so we can be sure everyone is included. Usually the campus provides little tokens of appreciation or food related donations but this year, each house is individually trying to create thoughtful ways to say thank you to the DSP’s.

Looking ahead to cooler weather, the Village is hoping to acquire safe outdoor heating lamps and additional tents to support campus visits during colder weather. The staff strongly believes in keeping families connected and they continue to look for ways to support on campus visits. With that in mind, the staff is trying to make sure the guys and gals are well equipped with hats, gloves and jackets. Please make sure your resident is covered with cold weather clothing as well.


VL1 9 20 parade R1

VL2 9 20 Parade R2

VL3 9 20 Parade T3

VL4 9 20 Parae T6

VL5 9 20 R2 bikes

VL6 9 20 R2 tie Dye

VL7 9 20 silly sock day T1

VL8 9 20 T2