Artist in All 2020

The SIBS organization's signature event, "The Artist in All" took a slight detour this year (like everything else!) due to Covid-19. Instead of our lovely gathering with family and friends at the Modern Wing of The Art Institute, we celebrated "The Artist in All: Changing Colors" via our computers. Event Chairs Caitlin Deptula, Jim Snediker and Bob Snediker ably guided the transition from live to livestream!

Julie O'Sullivan set up the Jeanne Marie Ryan Center so the residents could walk the "Red Carpet" as they have done in the past. Each cohort visited the JMRC and had their pictures taken with their artwork, and then got to tour the room and see what their fellow artists created. As you can see from the pictures, our resident artists had a great time dressing up and going to the JMRC "gallery."

On Tuesday, September 29, the wonderful Lou Manfredini acted as Master of Ceremonies for our livestream of The Artist in All, broadcasting live from the Hogan Room. Videos were shared featuring our artists and sponsors, as well as cameos from Lois Gates, Sister Rosemary, and our Grand Sponsor, The Mazza Foundation. Jim Carparo reported we had 1400 devices viewing the livestream -- what a great crowd!

A big thank you to everyone who was part of that process -- our Chairs Caitlin, Jim, and Bob; Jim Capraro from the MFA; Scott Thompson and Ron Masterson who handled the technology at Mis; Matt Mayer who has edited many Artist in All videos over the years, as well as creating the "Mis-tini" for our video; Bill Meyer and Becky Li for their graphics and printing help; and of course, Lois, Julie, and Grace from the Development Office at Mis

Even without our fabulous Modern Wing setting, the event did quite well. We raised approximately $850K for Misericordia! A giant thank you to our Grand Sponsors, the Mazza Foundation, as well as everyone else who sponsored and donated. Artwork prices seemed higher this year -- possibly because we were all home in our comfortable clothes, drinking Mis-tinis and bidding from our couches.

Thanks to all for the support!

Kelly Burgess Mayer
SIBS Board President

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