Misericordia Community of Believers 


The beautiful spirit of Misericordia continues to show in profound ways during the coronavirus pandemic. With the change in routines and activities, many of our family members are challenged as they rely heavily on consistency and predictability. Even tougher is the inability to be with us. But their staff are there. They have tremendously challenging and tiring jobs under normal conditions. But we who can’t physically be with our family members for the time being know they are there. These special people are stepping up and giving so much to our family members. They’re not simply “doing” for them, but being with them in love and genuine care.

 It is hard to believe we are moving toward the holidays. They will certainly be different this year. But as we think of the values of the Community of Believers, it’s a perfect time of year to demonstrate the gratitude we have for the lives our loved ones have at Misericordia. The protection they have managed to provide during this crisis has been extraordinary.

 Everyone has different talents that can showcase our Community of Believers’ values. However, all of us, for example, can to send a note of appreciation to staff. Some other ideas for demonstrating these core values are listed below. Please remember to check you’re your Qs or Directors for the best choices/needs/preferences for some of these items.

Quality of Life

  • Meals delivered for residents and staff. Some families have started a “Food Train” within their residence by coordinating with the other families to have a restaurant meal delivered every few days or weekly.
  • Meals for each Shift. Some families provide take out containers for staff to take home extra food for their own families.
  • Activities delivered. Some families drop off crafts, art supplies, etc. What other ideas do you have for delivering activities?
  • Streaming services. Some families have ordered Netflix for residences.


  • Facetime with your family member
  • Phone calls with your family member
  • Notes to staff. Staff are amazing. Some staff email pictures of residents to their family members. They know that it is very difficult for us not to visit.
  • Treats delivered for staff


  • Read every communication from administration and the MFA
  • Respect the constraints and limits on visits. It is excruciating to not be able to touch and hug our loved ones. Our shared responsibility is to protect all on campus which means that we all follow the guidelines. These protocols keep our family member safe as well as those who care for them and those with whom they live.


  • Turn to our faith. Pray for protection, strength, and wisdom for residents, staff, administrators and families.
  • Engender gratitude for the continued safety of our loved ones and thankfulness for the gift of Misericordia

Finally, here are some questions and activities for you to consider as a member of the Community of Believers:

  • How can we continue to support the administration and staff through these long months to provide as much freedom as they can while protecting and caring for our loved ones?
  • What other ideas do you have to add to those listed above? What can you do to share these ideas with each other and enrich our connections as family association members? How do you demonstrate the Community of Believers values? Consider sharing your ideas on the mfa-sibs.org website. Talk to your Site Representative and let them know your thoughts. Read about what other residences have done and brainstorm new ways to support Misericordia and your family member’s residence.

Together we are a powerful force as we partner with Misericordia to persevere and thrive through these difficult times.

Judy Wall