MFA Holiday Staff Gift Fund

November 1, 2020

Dear Misericordia Families and Guardians,

We are grateful to you for the many tangible expressions of support to Misericordia staff and administration for the past eight months. In these challenging times, the extraordinary measures that the Misericordia team takes each day to keep our residents safe, happy, and engaged, stand out even more.

We need your help to continue to recognize and show our profound appreciation to the staff. We know our Qs and other direct service providers create a loving home for our residents but our Misericordia cooks, gardeners, security, CDS team, administrators, and so many others are also critical to the specialness of Misericordia! Your holiday donation is one small way we can show the staff how much we value and cherish their work.

Please take the time today to join us in thanking all of Misericordia staff who are integral to the foundations of creating a great life for our residents every single day with your donation.

We ask that each family consider donating at least $100 toward our MFA holiday staff gift fund. Please be as generous as your financial circumstances allow. We are grateful for whatever amount you can afford to help recognize our great staff team.

Please make your check payable to: Misericordia Family Association, add your MFA number, and mail it in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.

You can also donate online by logging in to our website, and clicking on the link at the top of the homepage displayed as Donate to the MFA Holiday Staff Gift Fund:

MFA Holiday Fund

On behalf of the MFA Board, we wish you a very joyous holiday season. We hope that the holidays and the New Year bring you and your family much peace, health, and happiness.

Thank you,

Laurie and Bill McCarthy

MFA Chair Couple