The CILAs continue to stay busy! The houses are working hard in their CDS programming and have enjoyed the addition of some new programming rooms this past month. In addition to CDS programming, the houses have been taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather. We have been going on walks, playing soccer and even enjoying some bike rides.  

One of our favorite activities this month has been the flamingo flocking. A group of flamingos have been making surprise visits at each of the CILA homes. After the flamingos arrive at each CILA, that house secretly brings the flamingos on to the next house. This has been such a fun activity and the houses have loved the chance to surprise their friends! 

Everyone is excited for the holidays, but not the cold weather. We will continue to soak up the last bit warm weather while we can. 

CILA Oct 2020 1

CILA Oct 2020 2

CILA Oct 2020 3

CILA Oct 2020 4

CILA Oct 2020 5

CILA Oct 2020 6

CILA Oct 2020 7

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