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Peterman Home:

The new way of starting their day is learning Meditation technique’s and stretching.

Michael had his birthday this Month and they celebrated with a dance Party.

Topics for October has been The History of Halloween and the Constitution.

Discussions on the elections has been a hot topic

The Peterman House is going for the scariest decorated House for Halloween

The big fun was that they had an outdoor Movie “Captain America “ shown outside their house.

They also made Creepy Oreo Spider cookies.

Coleman House:

The Girls watched a documentary on Apples then were able to taste the different kind of Apples.

The Women took advantage of the great weather last week and went for walks. One of their destinations was Holbrook to see their flower box where they added some of their painted pumpkins.

They are decorating their House with witches for the Halloween decorating contest.

They lit up some Modern lantern edgy designs and left them on their neighbors’ doorsteps.

The girls have been doing some light exercises with upbeat music.

They are making a mosaic of the leaves that they found on their nature walks.

Enjoying last bit of warmth on patio and swing, relaxation in sensory room
Zoom activities:
Sing A Long
Yoga w/ Rita
Morning meditation


Since the beginning of September, the McNerney men have enjoyed having their Rec room converted to the CDS room. Etina Hymon is the instructor and the men have been engaged in a variety of projects and activities covering science, culture and life skills. Some examples are projects on the eco systems across the world, the solar system, and the Great Lakes. They have had lessons on China, Mexico, Morocco and France and have learned to count in Spanish, French and Italian. The men have daily practice in wearing face masks, hand washing and social distancing. They also participate in daily zoom lessons for technology practice.

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