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We are so PROUD of the residents.  They have rolled with the ups and downs COVID-19 has brought, and remain in wonderful spirits and good health.

A newer development is that official DT (now called  CDS-(Community Day Service) is close to being in full swing.  Each apartment will have an assigned instructor who will be providing training over the course of the day as if we were back at DT.  The DSPs will assist with it-but the DSPs will also be able to really take a look at the programming and have alternative programming at the same time.  For instance, in one apartment, the instructor is doing a lesson on weather.  2 or 3 of the ladies are not interested in participating.  So, we can rotate residents out of the group.  The alternative activity will be physically based.  Instead, bike rides and walks could happen.  We have TWO new bikes They are awesome and so many of our folks are able to ride them.

We are looking forward to Halloween.  There will be a campus-wide parade and decorations.  The MC will have their parade up at the doors that lead out to campus by 101/102.  We have some really creative staff, so we are excited to see what they come up with.  Apartments have started their own decorations and they are awesome!  Doors look great.  

Here’s to a safe and candy-filled Halloween!

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