Thanksgiving Greetings from Sister Rosemary 

November 25, 2020   

Dear Families,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Yes, this is surely a different way to celebrate! In the past years, the residents who have families and are able to enjoy a “home visit” would be with you, their own families. This year, most will be celebrating here with their Misericordia Family.

Be assured Bob Noga and his competent and talented kitchen team will make certain everyone will enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner worthy of the day! And although our residents will miss you, they will enjoy the day and have a happy time with their Misericordia Family. I am amazed at our residents’ ability to accept this moment in time and enjoy the present. They seem to have the gift of accepting what is – and the staff is outstanding in creating “fun times” and introducing new ways to compensate for the loss of being without you, their own families.

Although the year 2020 has been a difficult one, for many personal and professional reasons, I do believe we can all pause and give thanks to God for the many gifts which are ours. Let us all pause and reflect on St. Paul’s words: “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” I do believe “Thank You” is the most important prayer we can say. Let us all take time to thank God for all that is – was – and will be. Sometimes, the God of Mystery prevails in our lives while there are many times the God of Love is so obvious through the many gifts which are ours! But in good times as well as difficult times, God’s unconditional love for each of us is always ours. What a gift this is.

At Misericordia, all of us feel blessed and gifted to share life with our residents. By their very presence among us, they teach us how important it is to learn to live with the God of Mystery. They seem to know for some happenings in life there are no answers. But there are answering people. People like you, our families and staff, are the incarnation of God’s love in our world today for them and for all of us. You are the answering people who always have been there for them for most of their lives.

Our residents are truly happy individuals who seem to accept who they are – loving and loved persons made by God with a purpose to their lives – no matter how wrapped in mystery this may seem – especially for those who have never had or taken the opportunity to know them – as the beautiful and loving persons they are! Most of our residents came from loving families who have accepted them as the loving and gifted people they are!

Misericordia is a blessing for most of our families. Our philosophy is we don’t take your child from you, we share your child with you! For the residents who have no families, we accept the responsibility of being their parents – their families! For those who have families, we share a co-family role with their families, but the natural family is always “first” in the lives of our residents.

Usually at this time of year, we are preparing to welcome thousands of our families and friends to share the beautiful Christmas Season with us. It’s always a special time here at Misericordia to celebrate the birth of the Lord. It is a joyful, busy time which we all enjoy. Our family and friends seem genuinely happy to be with us. We will definitely miss your presence as we continue to implement the restrictions needed to keep all safe. As Christmas time approaches, we know life will be different for all here at Misericordia. But the restrictions are in place for a purpose and that is for the safety of our residents and staff. Please God, next year we can return to our yearly celebrations that bring such joy to all of us. Waiting is difficult, but the safety of our residents and staff is our top priority.

In closing, we ask each of you to be safe. Just hold on to the truth that this too will pass! We all look forward to the New Year of 2021. Let’s hope and pray that many of our concerns will be resolved. The lesson I hope this experience will teach all of us is what a gift the “ordinary day” truly is. Let us – never – take it for granted! Do celebrate the holidays! Perhaps this difficult time in our lives will bring more of us to remember the “true spirit of Christmas” and what we should celebrate. The gifts of good health and peaceful lives can’t be bought!

Thank you one and all for believing in our mission and supporting us in so many generous and different ways. Most of our annual fundraisers have been cancelled, but you, our family and friends, have never abandoned us. Words are inadequate to express our loving gratitude to each of you! How blessed we are to claim you all as members of our Family. With your assistance, the creativity and ingenuity of our staff have been amazing! How blessed we are.

Enjoy the holidays and keep safe! Please keep all here at Misericordia in your prayers – as we will “you and yours.”


Sister Rosemary