Staff and residents of the Village have felt grateful for the extra warm fall days. They have been busy enjoying as many outdoor activities as they can before the cold and winter set in. With that said, they plan to use their outdoor spaces as often as comfortably possible during the winter months. Please be sure to send winter clothing, outerwear, jackets, gloves, hats, scarves and boots to keep the guys and ladies nice and toasty on those cold days.

As you know, CDS has been shuttered once again due to COVID restrictions. The staff are having to get very creative once again trying to find new activities, programs, projects and crafts to keep our residents occupied and learning new things. In the beginning of the COVID shutdowns there was an outpouring of support by many family members and friends of Misericordia. That has fallen off to some extent. It is becoming somewhat stressful for the staff to constantly try to find new ideas to keep the residents happy and engaged. If you are able and looking for new ways to help support your resident and their house or any house, please consider providing supplies and put together premade activities they can work on. Other ways to keep the residents feeling loved is to send cards, letters and pictures from family and friends. While email is easy, getting something in the mail still feels special especially now!

With so much uncertainty, the Thanksgiving home visit has been cancelled out of an abundance of caution. Residents will also be missing out on one of their favorite things, their house Holiday parties where they get to show off their staff and homes to their families and friends. If you’ve participated in that before, it’s great fun! One way to keep the fun alive this year might be to send each resident of your home a card with something fun included like maybe a book mark, a note about how you miss coming to the party and visiting with them this year, a picture with hidden objects to find, McDonald’s coupons or a small gift card to Starbucks so they can drive through for a hot chocolate on a cold winter day. The possibilities are endless!

If you haven’t already done so, please consider donating to the Holiday Staff Fund. This goes to all staff at Misericordia, even those behind the scenes you may not regularly see but who have helped do a stellar job in keeping our residents as healthy as possible. Please be as generous as possible. You can donate online (you will find a link on the top of the home page on the MFA-Sibs website) or make a check out to the MFA and send it Attn: MFA Treasurer to Misericordia.