Angels In Our Midst

The incredible staff members at Misericordia need no introduction. No amount of thanks can ever really express the gratitude of all the families and friends of the residents. We truly have “Angels” caring for our residents.

As we are learning every day, the real challenge facing Misericordia is staffing. A campus with buildings, equipment, and furniture provides the stage, but the exceptional folks who dedicate their careers to caring for our “special” people make it work. Just as beds and specialized treatment in hospitals need people to staff them, Misericordia needs all types of skills and talents in order to reach its goal of providing an exceptional standard of care for the residents.

Misericordia has high expectations for staff members and offers careers for people who share the core values of “Quality of Life”—treasuring each worthwhile life and respecting the dignity of every person; “Connection”—community with genuine relationships with residents, not simply objects of care; “Responsibility”—self-motivated teams that complete tasks with excellence and on time; and “Spirituality”—the Misericordia community values hard working, dependable, compassionate and motivated individuals to give of themselves to help enrich the lives of our residents. Team members support one another and commit to each other’s success. Misericordia seeks individuals with special qualifications above and beyond the usual job qualifications.

Caring for anyone with special needs presents individual and unique challenges. At Misericordia everything is designed to enrich each individual life while still keeping everyone healthy and safe. Pandemic times have brought more complicated routines for staff, from using Personal Protective Equipment to sanitizing everywhere. Monitoring residents several times a day. Taking precautions by isolating when necessary. Keeping residents in their cohorts, while creating new ways to interact and maintain routines. Coordinating these efforts isn’t easy. Misericordia needs people with expertise and experience and energy in order to be successful.

Certified Nursing Assistants and Direct Support Professionals continue to be the greatest need. With these positions come opportunities for growth and development within the organization.   With direct interactions with residents, these front line “angels” keep the days running smoothly. Beyond our direct care staff, our housekeepers, nurses, kitchen staff, and more all help to make Misericordia the place that so many call home. Finding employees who are the right fit and who want to make a difference is always at the forefront of recruiting efforts. This is coupled with efforts to support staff in establishing long term careers.

In addition to the traditional jobs posted on the website, Internships and Federal Work Study opportunities have been a great introduction to Misericordia and for some have led to long term employment. While Federal Work Study opportunities are through our partnership with Loyola University, Internships are open to students from across the country and take place for varying timeframes, from one month to a year or longer.

The Heart of Mercy in Action – GAP year program has also provided college graduates with a unique introduction to our community as they focus on community and service within each of their roles.

The need is great and immediate. The opportunities are various and rewarding. Recruitment is ongoing, and social media is one way to get the word out. On Facebook, Misericordia Heart of Mercy regularly features an Employee Spotlight that is also included in the “Mis Biz” weekly newsletter emailed by the MFA and Sibs Association. With over 15,000 followers on Facebook; 2,800 Instagram followers of “misericordiahome”; and 2,500 Twitter followers of @heartofmercy, the word is spread, packed with information.

As expressed by the Recruiting Team: “The standards we adhere to in finding the best people have not changed regardless of COVID and what it has done. We are more committed than ever to ensure the best people join us to take care of our wonderful residents.” For more information, check out the Misericordia website:

(Photo taken pre-Covid)