Packet Stuffing Day Reimagined

Last January 2020 before the pandemic, 34 MFA volunteers in the Lois Gates Courtyard Inn spent over 2 hours stuffing 16 pages, 4 envelopes, and bundles of raffle tickets into 571 packet envelopes to be distributed to families on Kickoff Sunday at Misericordia. It’s always been a fun volunteer activity that many looked forward to participating in.

When the pandemic occurred, we decided to have a virtual benefit. This inspired us to further develop our benefit website so that all activities are offered online including raffle purchases, ad book submissions, silent auction item acquisitions and bidding, and donating. This year we redesigned the packet to reflect those online changes.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, only two people assembled the packets this year. Over the span of 2 days, Beth and John Donovan by the glow of their Christmas tree stuffed 568 packet envelopes. Fortunately for the mighty packet assembly duo (and all those receiving one), the packet went from 16 pages down to 7, and paper raffle tickets, an envelope, and paper invitations were eliminated.

Streamlined packets should be arriving in MFA members mailboxes soon. They will contain all the information and tools you will need to help you participate in this year’s Benefit. Your impact will help us to have the most successful benefit ever.

The Misericordia Family Association Benefit Committees


Last year's MFA Benefit 2020 Packet Stuffing Day  



This year's MFA Benefit 2021 Packet Stuffing Day