December Happenings in the Coleman House: Baking classes throughout the month. Decorating gingerbread houses. Welcomed Santa at the parade on campus. Welcomed the City Heat motorcycle club with Santa. Learned the history behind Christmas. Celebrated Christmas and the New Year. Learned about animals and their babies. Campus walks. Lots of Zoom-activities (Yoga, meditation, sing-a-longs) The House got a new NuStep to increase physical activity in the house.


The Peterman House has been working on their money skills-Math skills-and Handwriting skills ; before they go on their daily Zoom. The daily Zoom is different every day. Some of the themes have been music-culinary skills-Movement in your chair. If it is not icy the house goes on daily walks; approximately 1 mile at a time. The house is also excited about their new stationary bike.


Most of the Conrad men were at Misericordia this holiday season. They had a staff and resident party the week before Christmas and celebrated with Canes chicken. On Christmas, Santa came and did a social distance visit in the entryway and passed out gifts. Certainly, a big hit for the men. New Year's Eve was celebrated with a party with lots of pasta, sparkling juice and treats.
CDS programming has transitioned to hands on activities.


The McNerney men celebrated the holiday season with many decorating activities such as ornament and tree decorating, making snowmen and gingerbread houses. They also decorated for New Year's. They had a Christmas brunch and a New Year's party. They continue to have activities like Yoga, bingo, and story time on Zoom. They are now having MLK discussions and made a Tree of Hope. They also are having Chicago history lessons.

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