November and December were busy, happy days for the residents of Rosemary Connelly.

In November many lessons and activities focused on the Thanksgiving holiday. Studies included Native American Culture and the pilgrims. Favorite activities included Thanksgiving crafts, baking apple pies from scratch, and making Native American dream catchers so everyone would have happy dreams!

In December the focus turned to learning about the holiday traditions of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas! For Hanukkah they learned about the holiday’s traditions and played with dreidels! Art activities included decorating wreaths, making snow globes, and designing ornaments - snowmen and gingerbread men were favorites! The Christmas parade that brought Santa to campus was enjoyed by all!

Independent of the Holidays, their daily activities included discussions on wellness, virtual tours of Chicago and the US, and cultural appreciation lessons that included art and cooking. Scheduled Zoom sessions kept them connected to Misericordia, including OT and PT therapies, yoga, and singalongs.

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