The staff and residents are anxiously awaiting the COVID-19 booster shot on February 4.  We are so close-one more round to go!

The holidays here were lovely as usual.  Very different since we had so many residents with us. Our staff came through and our shifts did well with staffing numbers.  Yay!

Here are some highlights:

We got Flamingoed!

Thanksgiving was very nice.  The kitchen made wonderful options for all meals.  

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were WONDERFUL!

The "City Heat" came and did a ride through campus on their motorcycles. 

The weather held out in the morning so all the apartments got a glimpse of the tradition.

The Santa Parade was a blast.  Everyone was out for a while. 

Of course, we had a visit from Santa-one of our long-time staff, Bryan. (Despite the excitement of seeing Santa, it should be noted that we did well with social distancing:)

Thanks to all families for getting gifts to their loved ones.  Our residents are so well loved by so many.

We rung in 2021 with a "Balloon Drop" that Maria put together for the New Year's Celebration.  It was performed in the atrium for those whose windows face toward the atrium, and then outside for those whose windows face campus.  

Happy 2021 to all our families!  We miss you.

Marian Jan 2021 1

Marian Jan 2021 2

Marian Jan 2021 3

Marian Jan 2021 4

Marian Jan 2021 5

Marian Jan 2021 6